03 Aug


Boy oh boy, is this little Beagle a cutie !  Her name is Sunshine.  She will definintely bring rays of happiness  into the life of the lucky person who adopts her.

This little cutie batootie is between 10-11 years old.  Sunshine is house-broken, extremely well behaved and quiet.  She loves the company of other dogs; however, she does not favor cats.

We don’t know how she feels about children.

Sunshine rides very well in cars and loves to go for walks enjoying all the sights and sniffs along the way.

If you need to go out and run some errands or need to go somewhere dogs are not allowed,  Sunshine will quietly keep watch and wait for you to come home.

Coming home to her will be a pleasure as she will wag her tail and show you how happy she is you are home.

She is a little hearing impaired therefore she will not hear any excuses as to why she can’t go on road trips with you or take daily walks. Her hearing impariness does not stop her from being a happy little girl.

While we are still getting to know Sunshine a little more,  she will be going to the vet soon for a  complete check up. You are welcomed to contact Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue if you have any questions and to receive an adoption application for Sunshine.

Sunshine hopes you will call to make arrangements to meet her, fall in love and take her home !   Ahrrrroooooo !!!

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