26 May

Happy Pancho – Courtesy post

This cutie pie is “Pancho” .  Pancho is a 6 six old neutered Beagle/Bull dog mix.  His rescue angels describe him as the wiggliest guy you’ll ever met.  Pancho is a very social dog, with people and other dogs.  He has been through no fault of his own,  in and out of a number of homes in his life and he is now looking for that lasting match.  Pancho gets a little bit nervous in a home environment;  When his rescue angels find an adopter for him, Pancho will be sent into a training program, paid for by DAWG and they will pay for that trainer to continue to work with Pancho and his new family to make sure his new home is his last home.

If you are interested in  learning more about his adorable, loveable little meatball, please contact DAWG (Dog Adoption & Welfare Group) at (805) 681-0561 or email them at Info@sbdawg.org

Pancho is so excited to meet you !


2 thoughts on “Happy Pancho – Courtesy post

  1. Hello
    I am interested in poncho why has he been in and out of so many homes what seems to be the problem? Does she howl? I herd beagle is one of their bad traits? I have a male 3 1/2 old boxer mix I am looking for a female playmate for him, I like the idea of you helping with train the new dog. Does he have any obedience training at all? Is he house broken? I have a doggy door and a run to the back yard. How long has she been at your shelter? Is poncho a female or Male?

    • Hi Susan,

      I have forwarded your email to Brenda who is in charge of Poncho. We just did a courtesy post for them. I hope Pancho will become a member of your family. Good Luck

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