19 Oct



Calling all runners, hikers, trail walkers, power walkers, I am your Beagle !  My name is Nash and I am a young active 10 year old  neutered male who would love to share the great outdoor adventures with you.  Camping you say?  Count me in.   I would love to share a sleeping bag with you under the relaxing moon with the blanket of stars in the sky.

You might be wondering “hmm, what’s wrong with his eye, it look s a little funny”.  That’s okay I don’t mind.  I think it looks a little funny myself.  You see (no pun) when Bean’s Beagles rescued me, I had what they call “cherry eye” , they got me all operated on and now my hair around the area where they did the surgery is happily growing back.  That’s all.

I get along with pretty much every dog but I need a kitty free home.  Not a fan of cats.  I would rather be with children over the age of five, please.

I am definitely housebroken and very well behaved.  I do know a couple of comands or so and would be happy to learn more with you by my side.

I am a happy go lucky boy who would love to have a home of my own.

So, now that I’ve told you a little bit about myself, why not pick up the phone and call Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue and tell them you would like an application to adopt me.  Who knows I may just answer the phone and say ” where have you been all my life!”  Ahrrooooo !  I will be waiting.

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