Macey ADOPTED!!!!!!!

Macey is a high energy 4 year old female beagle.  She came from a family that was moving and was unable to bring her along with them.  While she is only just now starting obedience training, she is a quick study and is very willing to learn.  She needs a family who will commit to her training, or who has skills enough to train her to be a great dog.  She is a bit on the dominant side, so she would do best with a male dog or a submissive female.  She has not shown a preference for cats.  In her original home she had children, and loved the attention and the activity level.  She has shown herself to be a good watch dog, and watches her yard for interlopers.  Her foster home has other dogs and she is dealing with the personalities, but would prefer a home with fewer pets.

Marley – Adoption Pending

Marley came to us as a stray dog who’s owner did not come for her at the shelter.  She originally was impounded with her puppy, but when the stray hold was up, the pup was adopted and Marley was left alone.  She has some degree of separation anxiety, so would do well in a home where people are home much of the day.  She is crate trained, but really prefers to be free in the house.  She must have a very secure yard, as she is an escape artist, which is why she ended up in the shelter in the first place.  Her evening activity includes sitting in a chair and watching TV with her human.  She lives with other dogs in her foster home, and would do well with another dog in the home.  We are not sure about cats, and very likely would be good with kids over the age of eight.


Zoey is a petite 14 pound girl.  She keeps her girlish figure by being a great walker.  She came originally from a shelter, and is ever so grateful for having a soft bed and a warm blanket.  Zoey may be a little hearing impaired, but that does not slow her down a bit.  She is very comfortable being with other dogs, but will bark at kitties outside the fence.


Hope is a 9-10 year old beagle girl who was left at OC shelter and remained unclaimed.  She came with a variety of health issues which are nearly all resolved.  She can be a vocal girl at meal time and at play time.  She will play for a short time with other dogs, but tires easily mostly due to her age.   She has been on a weight loss diet and is doing well controlling her size. Hope is very good and very well-behaved on leashed walks and is not phased at all by other dogs walking by.  She is housebroken.   She appears to not like cats, and is very good with other dogs of all sizes.  We have not tested her with children yet.