Available Dogs

Samaria – Medical Hold

Samaria was turned into the shelter because her owners did not have the money for her much needed surgery.  She has a mammary tumor and a hernia.  Samaria’s blood work showed good results; therefore, she will get the surgeries she lovingly deserves to feel better.

We DESPERATELY need donations for Samaria’s three part surgeries. 1) two part mammary removal 2) Hernia closure including lifting and placing uterus back in place  3) spaying her.

Please feel free to click on the links below to view costs for Samaria’s surgeries.

Samaria Bean’s Beagles Surgery #2

Samaria’s Bean’s Beagles Surgery #1

Please donate today through PayPal on our website or directly to            Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue  P O Box 1613  Costa Mesa, CA 92627.

Let’s work together to get Samaria on the road to recovery and to her new forever home.

Whittiker – Medical Hold

Whittiker was brought in to the shelter by an animal control officer.  Whittiker did have a microchip, owner(s) were notified; however they never came to pick up this sweet boy.   He is  approximately 9-10 years old.  Whittiker is being treated for a mass on the left side of his face.  We are still getting to know this sweet boy.  We can tell you he is friendly, well-behaved, housebroken, and  gets along very well with his foster pals.  He  loves to sleep on top of many  blankets or comforters.  We will update Whittiker’s condition as progress is made.

Alfie aka “Norm” – Adoption Pending

This little adorable Beagle-Doxie mix came to us from an animal shelter.  According to the shelter, he is approximately 11-12 years young.  Alfie was his shelter given name; however, he is affectionally called “Norm” by his foster mommy.  Norm is now healthy enough to be neutered and have his major dental procedure done.  Donations are appreciated to help cover these medical expenses.  We are still getting to know Norm and will post new information as it becomes available.

Ginger – Adoption Pending

Ginger is a 9 year old Bassett-Beagle mix who came to us from a Craig’s List advertizement.  After her owner stopped breeding her, she left her behind here in California and went back east saying Ginger was of “no use” to her anymore.  Ginger’s owner also left her with several tumors.  Thanks to generous donations, her tumors were removed, biopsies were done and the tests showed the tumors non-cancerous.  Hurray !!  Ginger is a happy go lucky girl.  She is housebroken, well behaved, loves walks and car rides.  She loves children of all ages and loves getting hugs from them.  She gets along great with other dogs.  No cats please.  Ginger is currently living with her foster sister Taffy, enjoying parks, trail walks and her favorite lunch place In-n-Out Burgers.

Macey ADOPTED!!!!!!!

Macey is a high energy 4 year old female beagle.  She came from a family that was moving and was unable to bring her along with them.  While she is only just now starting obedience training, she is a quick study and is very willing to learn.  She needs a family who will commit to her training, or who has skills enough to train her to be a great dog.  She is a bit on the dominant side, so she would do best with a male dog or a submissive female.  She has not shown a preference for cats.  In her original home she had children, and loved the attention and the activity level.  She has shown herself to be a good watch dog, and watches her yard for interlopers.  Her foster home has other dogs and she is dealing with the personalities, but would prefer a home with fewer pets.

Marley – Adoption Pending

Marley came to us as a stray dog who’s owner did not come for her at the shelter.  She originally was impounded with her puppy, but when the stray hold was up, the pup was adopted and Marley was left alone.  She has some degree of separation anxiety, so would do well in a home where people are home much of the day.  She is crate trained, but really prefers to be free in the house.  She must have a very secure yard, as she is an escape artist, which is why she ended up in the shelter in the first place.  Her evening activity includes sitting in a chair and watching TV with her human.  She lives with other dogs in her foster home, and would do well with another dog in the home.  We are not sure about cats, and very likely would be good with kids over the age of eight.


Zoey is a petite 14 pound girl.  She keeps her girlish figure by being a great walker.  She came originally from a shelter, and is ever so grateful for having a soft bed and a warm blanket.  Zoey may be a little hearing impaired, but that does not slow her down a bit.  She is very comfortable being with other dogs, but will bark at kitties outside the fence.