Samaria – Medical Hold

Samaria was turned into the shelter because her owners did not have the money for her much needed surgery.  She has a mammary tumor and a hernia.  Samaria’s blood work showed good results; therefore, she will get the surgeries she lovingly deserves to feel better.

We DESPERATELY need donations for Samaria’s three part surgeries. 1) two part mammary removal 2) Hernia closure including lifting and placing uterus back in place  3) spaying her.

Please feel free to click on the links below to view costs for Samaria’s surgeries.

Samaria Bean’s Beagles Surgery #2

Samaria’s Bean’s Beagles Surgery #1

Please donate today through PayPal on our website or directly to            Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue  P O Box 1613  Costa Mesa, CA 92627.

Let’s work together to get Samaria on the road to recovery and to her new forever home.

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