Alfie aka “Norm” – Adoption Pending

This little adorable Beagle-Doxie mix came to us from an animal shelter.  According to the shelter, he is approximately 11-12 years young.  Alfie was his shelter given name; however, he is affectionally called “Norm” by his foster mommy.  Norm is now healthy enough to be neutered and have his major dental procedure done.  Donations are appreciated to help cover these medical expenses.  We are still getting to know Norm and will post new information as it becomes available.

2 thoughts on “Alfie aka “Norm” – Adoption Pending”

  1. Hi Yolanda,
    This is Mitzy Barney. We chatted on the FB thread about Laureen, the adopter of my old foster who has now passed. She is interested in Alfie. When I click the menu link from my phone, nothing happens, so I don’t see an adoption application or questionnaire. Laureen asked me how to proceed, so I thought I’d just reach out. Should I have her just fill out a comment like I’m doing, or is there an application you’d like from her? I don’t need to be middle man, but thought I’d help since she asked.

    1. Hi Mitzy,

      Thank you for inquiring about Alfie. I am sending you an application from my email address We are new so we are still building our website and working out the kinks in it. So if you happen to get an email from it’s from me. Sorry for the delay in replying. We had two urgent medical beagles come in from SEAACA this week so we’ve been running back and forth to vets for treatments and everything else they need. They are on our website Samaria and Whittiker. Thank you again. Yolanda

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