Happy Tails


Hope –  A True Happy Camper

This story touches our hearts deeply.  Hope had been sitting at a local shelter waiting for her owner to come and get her.  It never happened.  When we picked her up, it was obvious she had not been well taken care of by her previous owner.  Her feet were infected as well as her ears and other medical issues. .  We provided her with much needed medical treatment. She responded well to all the treatments and was ready for a home of her own.

Now because she is older, she was passed up at adoption events more times than we can count.  Until one day, the nicest couple came to one of our adoption events to meet a Beagle they saw online. Hope watched as they met the other Beagle.  Turns out the Beagle they came to meet was not a good fit for them.  Hope saw this as her opportunity to try and get a home.  She barked and barked and barked to get their attention.

As the couple was ready to leave, the husband looked over, saw Hope jumping up and down and barking as if to say “what about me, what about me!!” the husband pointed to Hope and his wife agreed to come and take a look at her.

Hope put  her best paws foward, it was instant love for the three of them; however, her story does not end there.  Hope’s new parents are avid campers and have taken Hope on many camping trips which she absolutely loves more than anything.

Hope  has become such a regular well behaved Beagle at many of the National Parks, that while camping  recently, she was bestowed the honor of becoming a Bark Ranger. She joins the high ranks of Smokey the Bear and several human park rangers with their mission to keep the National Parks, safe and clean.

Hope proudly wears her badge and is eternally grateful to her parents and to us here at Bean’s Beagles for giving her such an incredible loving life.  Hope is truly a grateful and loving happy camper.

Hope,  we love you and are so very proud of you.  Happy trails, Hope !




   Good things come to those who wait

Blue’s dream of a forever home finally came true.  Even on his saddest days, he never gave up.  He knew the perfect home was out there for him.  Boy was he right.  After being passed up over and over again, he finally landed the perfect home and with a brother to hang with.  Blue’s shelter and kennel days are over.  His family loves him so much and his brother Rockford is so happy to have Blue for a brother.  Beautiful Blue we will miss you but we are so very happy for you.   We will love you forever !






    From South Central to a Beach city – Ollie’s story

Ollie  does not look like a typical Beagle.  He is actually a Sheltie-Bassett.  Due to the fact his owner(s) had too many dogs, Ollie,  most likely the senior dog of the pack,  was the chosen one to be dumped at the South Central-Los Angeles Animal Shelter the day before Christmas Eve-2017.  Receiving news another animal rescue declined to help Ollie,  Bean’s Beagles members Dolores Ellis  and Yolanda Macias  could not turn their backs on Ollie especially during the Christmas season.

Ollie’s Christmas wish came true on December 26th when Dolores and Yolanda rescued him from the shelter.   Now came the hard part,  finding him a place to stay until a foster could be found.  After an abundance of networking BACK BAY ANIMAL HOSPITAL located in Newport Beach, California, said they would be more than happy to have Ollie board with them until other arrangements could be made.

Ollie’s Christmas wishes and dreams continued to grow as an angel by the name of Leah, read on social media, Ollie needed a foster. She immediately contacted Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue asking if she could foster him.  Filled with gratitude, the answer was “yes ! “.  Leah visited Ollie and it was love at first sight for both of them.

A few days later after Ollie had been cleared of kennel cough, Leah brought him into her home.  Ollie was in heaven as  Leah showered him with love, care and happiness, things he so desperately needed and deserved.

On January 27, 2018 Leah officially adopted Ollie and everyone at Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue could not be happier for the both of them.  Ollie went from being alone and unwanted to becoming one loved and cherished beautiful boy.

Leah and Ollie attended and volunteered at our recent adoption event at the EARTHWISE PET SUPPLY store in Huntington Beach.  Although Ollie was surrounded by beautiful ladies at the event, he only has eyes for Leah.

Leah and Ollie, you have touched our lives in a forever heartfelt special way.  We love you both and wish you years of happiness together.


From mommy to Princess

A local shelter contacted us regarding Iris  who came in as a stray and no owner was found.

When we picked up Iris, we were told she had some what appeared to be mammary tumors.  We quickly jumped into action and took her to our vet.  The vet said “those are not tumors, those are puppies, she is pregnant”.  Well, we were not about to turn our backs on Iris just because she was pregnant.  Nope,  nope and nope.

Bean’s Beagles gave her the best care possible.  Iris gave birth to adorable puppies, who were adopted out once they were old enough to leave mom.   As soon as Iris recovered from delivery and being a great mom to her puppies, it was her turn to find a home.  Iris hit the jackpot!

A very nice adorable couple, came and met her, fell in love and now the retired mommy is living the dream with her forever family who just loves her with all of their hearts and treat her like a princess.   Way to go Princess Iris, we miss you, love you and are so happy for you.  Good girl !