Featured Beagle


Hi there! I’ve been with Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue  for over a year and a half now.  I am very much ready for my own home.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I am a nine (9)  years old Beagle – Jack Russell mix with plenty of years ahead of me to give you so much love and happiness.

I was in a shelter waiting for my owner to come get me; however, they never showed up.

I weigh in at 15-16 pounds and keep in shape by walking every day, twice a day. I am quite the walking champ.  Any time you want to go out and get some exercise, I’m your training walking coach ready to go.   I am partially deaf, so I will not be able to hear any excuses as to why we cannot go out and walk.  I’ve been told  I am the best leash walker as I trot, trot, trot enjoying the sights and sniffs each day has to offer.

Oh! please do not let my hearing impairment issue stop you from  adopting me.  It does not bother me at all.  In fact, I know basic hand jestures, so we can definitely communicate in that way and I am a fast learner.  So if you want to teach me some more hand jestures, I am ready to learn.

I am a polite little girl and will sit for my bowl of food or for a after dinner or after breakfast or anytime cookie.   I wait politely by the door to be opened so we can begin our walks.  Look ! even with other dogs standing by me, I patiently wait !  Am I a cutie or what?

When we are not out walking, I  would enjoy relaxing, naping and/or watching a good comedy, love story or drama show with you, your pick.  I can lip read, no worries.

You say you live in an apartment?  Perfect!  I am apartment friendly as some apartments or condos only allow little dogs like me to reside in the complex.  I am house/condo and apartment friendly.  See?  I am quite the little gem.

I am housebroken and can be easily trained to use a doggie door,  if necessary. One of my foster mommies would be more than happy to help you train me in that area.

How about other dogs?  Not a problem, as I enjoy the company of other dogs big or small, I love them all.  In fact,  I prefer to have a doggie pal to live with so we can keep each other company, play and watch over your home when you leave for work or if you  need to run a quick errand or two.

Cats?  Hmm, not sure how I feel about them.  But I can tell you this,  when I see them on my walks,  I ignore them.  They don’t interest me all that much.

I  really enjoy car rides  and would love to ride with you as we travel together to parks, visit family, friends, any dog friendly places  and discover all kinds of adventures.  I travel very well in Fido Ryders. Oh, I love drive-thru food places.  In-N-Out burgers anyone?  I would share, I promise.    

Well, I have told you quite a bit about me.  I would love to meet and learn about you. What else can I say except,   I really am a great little girl and would be the perfect fur-member for you and your family.  My promise to you is  when you adopt me,  I will be the best little girl and I will love you forever.

Please contact Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue and ask to meet me.  I will be waiting for you.