Featured Beagle



Well hello everyone.  I am Sam.  I was picked up by Animal Control in Orange County, CA.  I had microchip and my parents were contacted.  They said they would come down and get me; but alas, when the shelter staff called them a second time, they said they were moving and changed their minds about picking me up.  Can you believe that?

Well, that’s okay, because the nice ladies at Bean’s Beagles came to my rescue.  I had a large fatty tumor between my legs which limited my ability to pee.  Not fun.  These nice ladies had me operated on and thanks to Dr. Kumar at Baker Bristol Pet Hospital, the tumor was removed and I can now happily pee, run and take really nice long walks.

But enough about my past, I am looking foward to the future, with you.  I am approximately 9-10 years old, housebroken, well behaved and I am very affectionate.  I do love the company of other dogs and get along very well with them, little ones and big ones.   Even if you do not have other dogs in the house, that’s okay, because I would also love to be your one and only.  I do not care for cats, nothing personal, I just do not like them.

I enjoy car rides and I am a very good boy when it comes to going everywhere with you especially  dog friendly places like restaurants and parks.

Please consider opening your heart and home to me, by contacting Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue.  I cannot wait to meet you and possibly talk about a future together.

Love, Sam