Cooper needs your help.  Cooper was microchipped; however, his owners never came to bail him out of the shelter.  Although Cooper is now safe with us, we noticed he seemed to have pain in his neck and back.    Cooper was seen by our vet and  was given some meds, but after two weeks there was no improvement. He was then seen by a specialist who said  Cooper needs an MRI to confirm the severity of damage on his disc and then in order to make him feel better, he will need surgery. All together it will run approximately $7,000.00. Please help Cooper so he can once again, run, play, be happy and most important be ready for his new forever home.

 Please send your donation through PayPal here on our website) or mail your donation to Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue P O Box 1613 Costa Mesa, CA 92628.  Your donation is tax-deductable.   Every amount large or small counts.  Cooper says thank you for helping to make him feel better.


Our rescue’s biggest expense is our medical bills.

The majority of the Beagles we rescue come to us from various shelters throughout Southern California.  They are either owner turn-ins or strays whose owners were contacted; however they declined to come and pick up their Beagle.   We rescue Beagles who come in as strays and owners were sadly never located.

These Beagles come to us with  minor medical issues  such as routine teeth cleaning sometimes requiring possible extractions ,  ear infections.  Others come  with  major medical issues, skin infections requiring specialists in the field of dermatology,  tumor removals, dislocated hernia and broken pelvics repairs.

We cannot continue our work to care for these unwanted Beagles without your generous donations.

Your donations help cover the following costs:

*Medical examinations and follow up visits


*Spay / neutering

*Dentals including extractions if necessary

*Antibiotics / pain medications

*Flea treatments

*Skin treatments

*Surgeries such as tumor removals & eye surgeries

Please help us help our Beagles by donating to our rescue today.

Any amount, large or small, is appreciated.

Your donations are tax-deductable.

Please send in your check or money order donation to:

Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue P O Box 1613 Costa Mesa, CA 92627


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