26 May

Little Doll Face Millie ! – Courtesy Post


What is adorable, sweet, well-behaved and has the cutest face in the world?  Little Millie !  Millie is a 5 year old spayed Spaniel mix, who has not had the best life.  She is not talking as to what happened but whatever it was, it made her not trust people.

Millie is willing to put her past behind her and start a new life with someone who has the patience to visit her many times  before adopting her.

Once she gains a person’s trust there is no end to her cuteness.  Millie likes to show her playful side to a human whom she gains trust with.

Millie is extremely housebroken, loves to go for walks as she is fantastic on a leash. During her walks she tends to ignore other dogs passing by or on the opposite side of the street(s)  and is not phased at all by loud noises or crowds.  She is so well behaved she can be taken to any dog friendly diner or social events and make her human so proud of her.

Millie gets along with other dogs preferably her size.  She is not sure how she feels about cats, but she can be cat test her for a potential adopter.

If you would like to learn more about Millie or make arrangements to meet her, please contact TLC Dog Rescue at  (949) 351-7876 or Yolanda at Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue (714) 397-0705.



26 May

Happy Pancho – Courtesy post

This cutie pie is “Pancho” .  Pancho is a 6 six old neutered Beagle/Bull dog mix.  His rescue angels describe him as the wiggliest guy you’ll ever met.  Pancho is a very social dog, with people and other dogs.  He has been through no fault of his own,  in and out of a number of homes in his life and he is now looking for that lasting match.  Pancho gets a little bit nervous in a home environment;  When his rescue angels find an adopter for him, Pancho will be sent into a training program, paid for by DAWG and they will pay for that trainer to continue to work with Pancho and his new family to make sure his new home is his last home.

If you are interested in  learning more about his adorable, loveable little meatball, please contact DAWG (Dog Adoption & Welfare Group) at (805) 681-0561 or email them at Info@sbdawg.org

Pancho is so excited to meet you !


22 Apr

Sweet Paloma


Talk about the sweetest dog.  Introducing Paloma a spayed female Beagle or Bassett Shepherd mix.  She is approximately 7-8 years old and is housebroken.

One of our Bean’s Beagles angels bailed Paloma out of a shelter where she was red-listed.  Red-listed means she was scheduled to be euthanized anytime soon, possibly due to overcrowding at the shelter.

Paloma is so grateful for being rescued and has shown her gratitude by being so very well behaved.  She has a very gentle demeanor and very soulful eyes.

Paloma gets along with other dogs but is not a fan of cats.

Paloma wants you to know that her name means Butterfly in Spanish.  She is ready to spread her wings and land a soft spot in your heart and home.

Won’t you contact Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue to learn more about possibly fostering or adopting this nice girl?  Paloma would be so happy and she will love you forever.






22 Apr

Cute Lela



Lela is a beautiful spayed red-headed Beagle who was turned into the shelter because according to her owner “she sheds”.  No other reason was given.  That’s okay, Lela is shedding her old life and is ready for a new one.

This little cutie is approximately 7 years old, housebroken, well behaved and gets along with other dogs.  We do not know how she feels about cats.

Lela would love a forever home of her own and is willing to share it with another dog.

Please contact Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue to learn more about Lela.  Lela is waiting to meet you.



20 Apr

Meet Dudley !











Is this little guy a cutie or what?  This is Dudley.  His story is a sad one.  Dudley was adopted from a shelter in February of this year.  Due to unforeseen financial and medical reasons, we were contacted to take in this adorable boy into our rescue.  Now we are hoping to turn his sad story into a happy one.

Dudley is a two year old neutered male.  He is completely housebroken, quiet,  well behaved and just a happy go-lucky kind of guy.

Dudley loves to play with other dogs and is a real people pup.  On his walks he loves to say hi to everyone he meets.  We don’t know how he feels about cats.

We are still in the process of learning more about this little guy; however, we are accepting applications.  If you are interested in turning in an application for Dudley, please contact us at chowsndoxies@aol.com  and we will be happy to send you one.

Dudley is ready for his new life in his new forever loving home.





03 Mar

Penelope – Adopted !


This beauty is Penelope.  Penelope is a 1 – 2 year old Beagle who came to our rescue because there was a toddler in the house.  Penelope is a very sweet happy girl who loves to go for long walks, loves to play and run around with other dogs.

Penelope also loves car rides. Penelope will need someone with Beagle experience.  She will require someone who has the desire and time to take her for walks and keep her active as she is an active gal.

She will do well in a house with another dog but no cats.

Penelope does know a few comands, “sit, down, shake” . She loves to learn and would thrive in a course of basic obedience.

Please contact Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue to learn more about Penelope.





25 Feb

Here’s Betty ! – Adopted !











Betty’s previous life was not the best at all.  She came to Bean’s Beagles with a broken tail and a broken heart.  While she was grateful for being rescued, she clearly was very sad and in pain due to her tail not be repaired by her prior owners.  Well, we couldn’t continue to let her be unhappy and in pain.  We saw to it that Betty got the proper care and treatment for her tail.  A portion had to be amputated, but with the help of antibiotics and pain meds, and lots and lots of love, Betty made a turn for the better.

Betty is a spayed female approximately 9-10 years old.  She is housebroken, quiet, well mannered and loves to go for walks, enjoys car rides  and loves to be told what a pretty girl she is.

Betty is  a huge fan of dog friendly restaurants, where she will wait quietly and politely for her order.  She is a huge favorite at the restaurants.

While she does get along with other dogs, she would prefer being your one and only love. A cat free and toddler free home would work best for this pretty girl.

Please contact Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue for more information on Betty and to have an adoption application sent to you.





23 Feb

Suzee – Adopted !


Suzee’s story is a sad but true one.  Her owners developed dementia and were no longer remembering or able to care for her.  Suzee is putting her past behind her and is now ready for a new home.

Suzee is a spayed 8-10 year old Beagle.  She is housebroken  and loves to go for nice long walks and playtime  in a nice secured yard.  Suzee absolutely loves to meet people and will greet them with a wagging tail and the sweetest smile.

Suzee gets along with all dogs; however, she does not care much for cats.  We do not know how she feels about children.  Suzee will need to go into a home either without children or children over the age of five years.

Please consider contacting us to meet Suzee, maybe you may consider fostering her.  She would love that very much.  Suzee will be crossing her paws for a new foster or permanent loving forever home.


28 Jan

Bailey -Adopted !

Meet sweet Bailey.  She is  2 1/2 year old spayed female who has not had the best life.  Bailey has been bounced around from home to shelter to home to Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue.   A senior couple had her first, then they decided she had “too much energy” so off to the shelter, where another family adopted her , kept her for a month and then turned her over to us here at Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue, saying she was destructive.  We are very confused because she has been nothing but sweet, well behaved and quiet.   She is still a very young Beagle so perhaps she needed attention? Play time? Humans who would show her (with patience ) how to to behave? Socialization?  Along with being a good girl Bailey is already making Beagle friends at her foster home so we don’t get it.

While Bailey is still telling us her side of these stories,  she will be attending obedience school to build up her confidence.

Stay tuned for updates and to learn when she will be available for adoption.

06 Jan

Chewy – Courtesy Post



No no, do not adjust your computer or your glasses, I am a Chihuahua and well an honorary Beagle.  My name is Chewy.  I am approximately 10 years old , already neutered.  I am  extremely sweet and well behaved.

Now you might even ask yourself why is he on the Bean’s Beagles website?  Well, although I do not like to talk about it,  for the sake of getting adopted I will share my story.  I was living back east and somehow ended up in Southern California.  Then on a cold night, I was tossed out of a car into the driveway of Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue.  I was so scared and cold I ran under one of the cars and cried for help.

One of the nicest Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue ladies took me in and cared for me.  I have a micro-chip but the only thing it shows is that I came from a kennel back east.  Whatever that means.  Obviously my owner did not love me enough to even put proper I D on me.

Anyways, I am quiet, very well behaved, I sit for my meals and for cookies and I get along very well with other dogs my size or bigger.

I enjoy walks and cuddle time.  I love to be held and told how beautiful and sweet I am.

I would love to meet you and sit on your lap while you hear how wonderful I am.

Please contact Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue today and ask about me.  I’ll be waiting.