30 Jun

















If you search ‘happy go lucky” you will probably find Charlie, our newest addtion to the Bean’s Beagle Adoptable Dogs.

Charlie is an eight (8) year old neutered male whose owner gave him up because they are moving.

Charlie is housebroken, very sweet, very well-behaved and definitely loves his walks.  In fact he is hoping someone will put him on a permanent walking program because he does need to lose a little weight 4-5 pounds.  He walks very well on a leash.

While Charlie enjoys the company of other dogs big and small, he does not favor cats at all.

According to his previous owner, he is good with children but no toddlers as he has not been around them enough to give his opinion as to whether he likes them or not.

Charlie is an excellent watchdog and will alert you if someone comes to the door or rings your doorbell.  He is not; however, an accessive barker.

Driving somewhere?  Charlie is an excellent co-pilot as he loves car rides and behaves extremely well in a car.  He will either lay down during the ride or sit up and watch everything and everyone you pass along the way.

If you are looking for the cutest and most well-behaved Beagle, please contact Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue to meet Charming Charlie!

Charlie is so excited about being on our website , he can’t wait to meet his new forever family.

24 Jun

POLLY – Adopted !







Who can resist this cute little one- year old face? Polly’s story is she was impounded into a LA City shelter after being injured possibly hit by a car and fracturing her pelvis.  We are currently pursuing all treatment options for her.

In the meantime, we are accepting applications for a family who can give Polly a safe home.

We are also gratefully accepting donations to cover her upcoming medical costs.  You can donate today through PayPal on our website or by mail (please do not send cash)

Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue  P O Box 1613 Costa Mesa, CA 92628








25 May

Blue & Theodore

Blue & Theodore lost their home when their owner could no longer care for them.  There was no other family member or friend who could take in these handsome boys.  We are still getting to know them.

Blue the tri colored Beagle,  is  seven (7) years old,  Theodore the black Beagle  Aussie mix,  is nine (9) years old.

Both dogs are well behaved, house broken and walk very well on a leash.

We are currently accepting applications for these two handsome boys.

For information on fostering Blue & Theodore,  please contact us at (714) 397-0705 or email us at chowsndoxies@aol.com




12 May


Who is adorable, playful and just as happy as can be?  That would be our newest rescue “Sam”.  Don’t let his premature gray fur fool you into thinking he may be a couch potato, nope not at all.  He loves his foster pals and is always ready, anytime for a fun game of “you chase me and I chase you” with his foster buddies.  His tail is always wagging and he is just so happy to be rescued.  Sam loves to be petted and will let you know to keep the loving pets coming with a gentle nudge of his head to your hand.

Sam is a neutered 9-10 year old Beagle who came to us from a shelter.  Sam did have a chip,owners were contacted, but alas they decided not to come and get this beautiful boy.

Sam is housebroken, well behaved and will even patiently sit for his meals and after meal cookies.

Sam came to us with a  large mass located on the lower end of his belly and a mouth full of bad teeth; however, he has since had the mass removed and has had a dental.

Sam is a happy boy and is now ready for his new forever home.

Donations are still welcomed for Sam’s medical costs and after surgery care, through PayPal located here on our website, under “Donations”  or through regular mail   Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue P O Box 1613 Costa Mesa, CA 92627



09 Mar

Samaria aka “Gina”

After multiple surgeries to remove mammary tumors and to repair a dislocated hernia, Samaria who’s name is now “Gina” is ready to be adopted.  Yes, she is so waiting for her new forever home.

Gina is  a tri-colored Beagle approximately eight to nine years old, weighing in at approximately 33 pounds.  She is housebroken, well behaved, polite and will even sit for her meals and a cookie.

Gina is a happy girl and she sometimes likes to entertain herself by barking at the birds out in the yard.  She gets along very well with other dogs of all shapes and sizes ; however, she is not particularly fond of cats.

She would do well as an only dog as well as with a doggie pal.

Gina hopes you will contact us for an application.  She has been through so much and is now ready to be loved and have her very own forever home.








08 Feb

Zoey – Adoption Pending



Zoey is a petite 14 pound girl. She is approximately 9-10 years young.  She keeps her girlish figure by being a great walker. Zoey will happily walk with you for miles if you’re up for it.

Zoey came originally from a shelter, and is ever so grateful for having a soft bed and a warm blanket.  Zoey may be a little hearing impaired, but that does not slow her down a bit.  She knows some hand signals and learns new ones quickly.  She will sit politely for her bowl of food or for a nice yummy treat.

Please consider fostering our sweet Zoey so you can get to know and fall in love with this bundle of cuteness and love.  She can’t wait to meet you.

08 Feb

Hope – Adopted !

Hope is a 8-9 year old beagle girl who was left at OC shelter and remained unclaimed.  She came with a variety of health issues which are nearly all resolved.  She can be a little vocal girl at meal time and is happy to sit for her bowl and on cassion will give you a high five!

Hope is always happy to take in belly rubs.   She is very good and very well-behaved on leashed walks and is not phased at all by other dogs walking by.  She is housebroken.   She appears to not like cats, and is very good with other dogs of all sizes.


05 Oct

Iris – Adopted !



In the spring of 2017 a stray female beagle was impounded by the LA County Animal Services.

To her previous owner I say…..you micro chipped her, but did not register the chip so the shelter was unable to contact you and tell you she was there waiting for you; you did not spay her so she was able to be impregnated while she roamed the streets prior to being impounded; and the biggest insult came when you did not come looking for her when she went missing from your home………..

Your loss, as she is one of the most amazingly sweet girls who has ever been rescued; your loss, because you were not there to help her through a very traumatic delivery and subsequent loss of several of her pups; and your loss because she is not lying next to you on the couch at night watching TV, being so very grateful for any meal served or any love or attention you are able to give, your loss, as she will be a terrific watch dog, alerting to any action or activity nearby, keeping you safe……her way of paying you back for giving her a forever home.

Your loss is the gain of the person lucky enough to be chosen by Iris to be her new caregiver.

Iris is approximately 6-8 years old, spayed, up to date with her vaccines and interviewing potential homes as we speak.

Won’t someone consider giving this little angel a good loving forever home?  You will not be sorry and she will be forever grateful.