25 Feb

Betty – Medical Hold


Betty’s previous life was not the best at all.  She came to Bean’s Beagles with a broken tail and a broken heart.  While she was grateful for being rescued, she clearly was very sad and in pain due to her tail not be repaired by her prior owners.  Well, we couldn’t continue to let her be unhappy and in pain.  We saw to it that Betty got the proper care and treatment for her tail.  A portion had to be amputated, but with the help of antibiotics and pain meds, and lots and lots of love, Betty made a turn for the better.

Betty is a spayed female approximately 10-11 years old.  She is housebroken, quiet, well mannered and loves to go for walks  and loves to be told what a pretty girl she is.

While she does get along with other dogs, she would prefer being your one and only love. A cat free and toddler free home would work best for this pretty girl.

Betty is currently on medical hold due to a urinary tract infection which is currently being treated.  Once it clears up, she will go in to have a mammary tumor removed.

Betty will be available for adoption after she recouperates completely  from her surgery.

Please contact Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue for more information on Betty and to have an adoption application sent to you.





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