25 May

Blue – Trial Foster to Adopt

If you are looking for someone who absolutely loves to go for walks, hikes & trail walks, Blue is your boy.  Blue is a 6-7 year old active neutered male who has been with our rescue for over a year.

Blue was dropped off at a local shelter with his buddy when their owner passed away and no one could take either or both dogs.    Blue’s friend has since been adopted and now Blue is waiting for a home of his own.

Blue is well-behaved, housebroken, walks very well on a leash.  Blue recently graduated from obedience school!   He is a very good watch dog but not an excessive barker.

Blue loves to go for car rides and rides very well in a car. Fast food drive-thru(s) are on his list of favorite places to go.

While he does get along with most dogs, he would do well with a submissive dog or even better, he would love being your one and only dog.   Blue figures by being your one and only, you will spend less on dog food, dog supplies including chew sticks which he loves and think of the money you will save on vet bills!  Blue is so considerate.

Blue was recently  diagnosed with a heart mur-mur.   He is on heart medications which he will have to take for the rest of his life; however, his vet told us Blue can still resume normal daily activity at this time.

Blue is a very sweet boy who deserves a home of his own.  Please contact us at (714) 397-0705 to learn more about this fabulous and handsome boy.

















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