26 Mar

Meet Archie ! Adoption Pending

Archie is a sweet 4-5 year old neutered Jack Russell Beagle mix.  The most recent part of Archie’s life has not been very good.  His owner did everything he could to get rid of him from tie-ing him up at a park in the hopes that someone would take him to allegedly tossing him out of a car.  It was an angel from another rescue who talked the owner into releasing Archie to her.  This angel contacted us and we said “yes, absolutely” to taking Archie into our rescue.

Archie is a very good boy.  He is definitely housebroken, walks very well on a leash, gets along with other dogs; however, prefers female dogs.  We do not know how he feels about children; therefore, we would like to see him go in a home with older children 10 years and older or into an adult home only.




23 Feb

Lucas & Pepper – In Foster Home together !

“Oh boy! Are we adorable looking or what?  Yes we are and loveable too!  We are Lucas and Pepper and we are two senior bonded Beagles who are looking for a new home and we cannot be separated.  We love each other too much.  Our family surrendered us because they were moving.  Can you believe that?  It’s not like we had a lot of luggage or anything like that.  Oh well, we are now looking for a family who will keep us forever.”

Lucas is a 11-12 year old neutered male Beagle who is a little hard of hearing so often times he depends on Pepper for assistance.  He is very friendly, loves to go for walks and hang out with other dogs .

Pepper is a 7 year old spayed female Beagle who loves hanging with Lucas and helping him out out with his hearing.   She is very friendly, loves to go for walk and play with other dogs.

Both Lucas and Pepper do not care for cats and will need to go together in a child-free home as it would be too overwhelming for them to be around toddlers, babies and small chlldren.  Children over the age of 10 would be better.

Both are housebroken, walk very well on a leash and love meeeting people along the way.  They are very affectionatel and extremely well behaved.

Due to lack of fosters, they are staying at a kennel.  We would love to find a foster home for them, where they would be even happier and thrive while waiting for their new forever home.

Please contact Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue to complete an application to foster or adopt these beautiful babies.  Lucas & Pepper are crossing their paws in hopes the phone will ring for them today.



10 Nov

Romeo – ADOPTED !









I am Romeo a good looking 6-7 year old neutered male Beagle-Jack Russell mix.   I am a very sweet, affectionate,  happy type of  guy.  I get along very well with other dogs.

If you happen to have a Juliette who is lonely and would like a gentleman for a companion, I’m her man.  I’m open to the “Honey do” list and spend quiet evenings at home in exchange for some fun in the sun like getting together with other dogs to play, enjoy nice long walks, hikes because after all I am an active adventurous type of guy who enjoys living life to the fullest.

I have a lot of love to give and dream of a lot of good times to share with you.  Please contact Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue today and ask about me.  I can’t wait to share our life  together.   What can I say, I’m also a romantice type of guy.  Love, Romeo.

PS: Toddlers and babies are little too overwhelming for me. I would rather go in an adult only home or with children over the age of five.





19 Oct



Calling all runners, hikers, trail walkers, power walkers, I am your Beagle !  My name is Nash and I am a young active 10 year old  neutered male who would love to share the great outdoor adventures with you.  Camping you say?  Count me in.   I would love to share a sleeping bag with you under the relaxing moon with the blanket of stars in the sky.

You might be wondering “hmm, what’s wrong with his eye, it look s a little funny”.  That’s okay I don’t mind.  I think it looks a little funny myself.  You see (no pun) when Bean’s Beagles rescued me, I had what they call “cherry eye” , they got me all operated on and now my hair around the area where they did the surgery is happily growing back.  That’s all.

I get along with pretty much every dog but I need a kitty free home.  Not a fan of cats.  I would rather be with children over the age of five, please.

I am definitely housebroken and very well behaved.  I do know a couple of comands or so and would be happy to learn more with you by my side.

I am a happy go lucky boy who would love to have a home of my own.

So, now that I’ve told you a little bit about myself, why not pick up the phone and call Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue and tell them you would like an application to adopt me.  Who knows I may just answer the phone and say ” where have you been all my life!”  Ahrrooooo !  I will be waiting.

08 Jul

Bali & Belle – Adorable bonded pair. ADOPTED TOGETHER !

Bali & Belle were owner relinquished due to unforeseen family issues which did not allow for their owner to return for them. The caretaker needed help with their care. They are 10 & 13 respectively and have lived together since Bali was four years old. We would very much like to re-home them together. Think of them as potato chips, one is just not enough.

Both  are very, very well behaved,  housebroken, get along great with other dogs. Neither is a fan of cats, so they will need a cat free home.

They can be little clowns and will fill your days with affection, love and laughter, that is for sure.

Hanging out with other doggie friends and going for walks is what they live for.  They also would love to snuggle and watch television with you.

Please consider making these little ladies dreams come true of not only being adopted together but to live their happy golden years in a home of their own with you.

You could not ask for a better pair of Beagle girls.   Please call (714) 397-0705 or email chowsndoxies@aol.com to ask to meet these little golden girls.   They can’t wait to meet you!



26 Jun

Here’s Oreo ! – In Foster to Adopt home


This little Beagle mix is Oreo  He is a neutered male approximately 1 1/2 – 2  years old. Oreo was turned into the shelter with his friend.  Oreo’s friend was adopted and Oreo was left behind, scared and alone.  Luckily a very nice lady informed Bean’s Beagles Dog Rescue that Oreo needed help.  Oreo is now safe with us.

Due to the recent high volume of inquiries about this little guy, we would like to kindly explain his history and needs. 
Oreo is scared of everything new, especially new people. He is not a fear biter, nor has he ever shown any signs of aggression. He is just scared. When new people try to meet him, he freezes up. He has been at YDT almost a year, Bean’s Beagles works with him on a daily basis. He is feeling comfortable enough to make friends with Jeff our dog trainer and now with a Coastal German Shepherd Rescue volunteer and her husband as well as slowly making friends with Lorraine of CGSR. 
Oreo has escaped from two foster homes. One was out of human error. We found him 36 hours later. The second time, he escaped from what appeared to be a secure yard and home. How he got out, we will never know. We found him within 45 minutes.
On Facebook we have posted pictures of him walking happily with other dogs and hanging with other dogs; however, this has taken an enormous amount of time to get him there.
In a new envrionment he may shut down and will need to start over again, or maybe not. We don’t know. It’s going to be up to Oreo.
Oreo feels at home and is happy at YDT kennel. He even likes to sit on his igloo and supervise the workers and say hi to the familiar people he knows. But as wonderful as the staff is to him, this should not be how and where he lives out his life. He deserves a loving patient home of his own.
Potential adopters must understand it is very important to keep Oreo on a leash inside and outside for at least a couple of weeks.
By not doing this, Oreo will choose to try to escape if given the chance because he has not bonded with his person.
If you do not feel you can commit to follow this plan, then Oreo is not a dog for you.
If you feel you have the time, an enormous of patience and will follow the leash rule to help this little guy, please contact us at (714) 397-0705.