15 Sep


Asher—2 yo Beagle Mix

Asher came to us from the shelter where he stayed after being hit by a car. He still needs a surgery to correct his prolapsed hip. Asher will only be available for fostering until we have completed his (FHO) surgery.

Asher is cat friendly, kid friendly, and knows how to use a doggie door.  Asher would like to be the only dog in the house as he is dog selective.

15 Sep

Buddy and Holly

Buddy and Holly— 8 yo and 5 yo Beagles

This couple came to us from the shelter and desperately need a new home with no other dogs. They are the perfect pair for someone who enjoys the little things in life. Buddy snorts his way through life with Holly by his side. These two are a Bean’s Beagles favorite because their personalities are nothing short of amazing. Missing that pitter patter around the house? Are an empty nester? This pair is for you! Foster or adoption welcome.

15 Sep


Mika – 1 yo Jack Russel Doxie Mix

Mika came to use with Thelma and Louise as a stray. She was covered in fleas and ticks. A kind citizen contacted us after not being able to find their owners or a forever home for them. We searched for a month to find her owner. During that time she surprised us with 8 puppies of her own.

Personality wise Mika is an absolute love bug. She loves to lay on your chest and watch tv with you. She is kid and dog friendly and house broken. She doesn’t love being in a crate when you leave the house but can be left alone for 5-8 hours with no accidents. She has been the most wonderful mom to her puppies. At night she may sneak up and sleep above your head on your pillow. Like I said she is a love bug.

Since she came in with Thelma and Louise she is bonded with them. However she would do well on on her own or with other dogs. Again, she just wants to be loved and never left behind again.

15 Sep

Thelma and Louise

Thelma and Louise —2yo and 6 yo Beagle Mix

Thelma and Louise came to us as strays covered in flea’s and ticks. They are adjusting to life at their foster home well and clearly had a home before. These two love to play and love to cuddle. They will be by your side where ever you go. We call them the 8 legged dog with 2 tails.  Kid friendly, house trained, and crate trained.