05 Oct

Iris – Adopted !



In the spring of 2017 a stray female beagle was impounded by the LA County Animal Services.

To her previous owner I say…..you micro chipped her, but did not register the chip so the shelter was unable to contact you and tell you she was there waiting for you; you did not spay her so she was able to be impregnated while she roamed the streets prior to being impounded; and the biggest insult came when you did not come looking for her when she went missing from your home………..

Your loss, as she is one of the most amazingly sweet girls who has ever been rescued; your loss, because you were not there to help her through a very traumatic delivery and subsequent loss of several of her pups; and your loss because she is not lying next to you on the couch at night watching TV, being so very grateful for any meal served or any love or attention you are able to give, your loss, as she will be a terrific watch dog, alerting to any action or activity nearby, keeping you safe……her way of paying you back for giving her a forever home.

Your loss is the gain of the person lucky enough to be chosen by Iris to be her new caregiver.

Iris is approximately 6-8 years old, spayed, up to date with her vaccines and interviewing potential homes as we speak.

Won’t someone consider giving this little angel a good loving forever home?  You will not be sorry and she will be forever grateful.